What is business change?

BACK 02-01-2020

The speed of change is increasing, and employees are juggling many types of change daily. 

What is business change?
Digital business systems will continue to evolve, sometimes faster than our operating models. A business change programme often requires a significant change of systems, team structures and processes.
•    Introduction and integration of new tools and products (e.g. CRM, SAAS, ERP, BI Tools)
•    Transition from one vendor/supplier to a new one
•    Migration from on-premise to cloud-based platforms
•    New intranet or collaboration platform
•    Enterprise governance or compliance programme
•    Organisation restructure and changes in processes

Why you may need business change support
Business change can affect employees and teams at different paces, indicators of a successful business change can be measured by the attitudes, behaviours of your employees as well as performance of tools and processes.
Below are a few common indicators that arise in the work environment which may prompt the need for business change support and implementation.
•    Frustration, confusion and lack of motivation from teams.
•    Lack of momentum on a cross-functional or cross-regional initiative.
•    Poor adoption of previous roll outs of new practices or approaches.

Who needs A plan solutions business change support? 

Software providers: You have a market leading product or platform, but you may not have the knowledge of the operations and processes or understand the need of the business users we can help integrate your product smoothly within the business to create and maintain long-term customer relationships

Business Leaders: Every business has its own identity, location and expectations and can be difficult trying to run the ship whilst also keeping an eye on what’s working well and prepare for what’s coming next.
You want cutting edge operational experience, the best digital and technology stack to remain competitive and enthusiastic agile and happy employees with a joined up connected view of the business through leading data and BI solutions.
But you may not have the skillset or the resource availability to be able to oversee and deliver these changes end to end without disrupting your day to day operations.

Employees: We understand the challenges of being pulled in various directions and overwhelmed with the speed of everything changing on top of what you must achieve daily all with the current limitations of your processes, systems and data. We help you get more productive by doing less

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