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BACK 02-01-2021

A Plan Solutions specialise in embedding new systems into a business which means supporting and training people to change how they interact with each other, workplace equipment and applications to complete key business activities. 

Working in this way leads to teams working more effectively, nowadays this is usually through the use of introducing a new piece of technology such as an intranet, collaboration tools, customer management, content and asset management, billing or reporting systems

One of our primary focus is tailoring the experience with the new technology to really work for the people who need to use it and allow the users of the new system to get what they need from the new thing that is being introduced.

This means learning something new as introducing a new interface (system) and new steps (processes) for people to follow to carry out their expected work. The timeframe that is expected for an individual or team to become familiar and “expert” in using a new system can vary greatly dependent on how big the change of activities and working environment really is. 

Rolling out a new system or app successfully is not as straightforward as uploading an app on a digital device. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that all the data, processes, team structure and guidelines for usage are in place as business are relying on more systems, data and reports to support their daily business activities then ever before.

Many development teams and suppliers assume new technology is intuitive and does need a guide. Changing the way you have been doing something for a long time is never easy, it takes practise and how do u find time to build and practice a new way of doing something when you are supposed to allocate your time to working in the existing way to maintain daily operations.

A new piece of kit does not necessarily mean people will use it in the way it was intended to be used. A large number of systems are only used to complete a short set of regular and repetitive tasks therefore only certain features and functions are used when there actually could be a quicker way to do things or a way to reduce the number of systems you need to interact with to complete key tasks. 

We help businesses change the way they work through understanding how they would like to work and tailoring their information experiences with new technology and systems to work for them. 

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