Business change consultancy

A Plan Solutions help businesses to adapt to economic and competitive business technology demands through the delivery and integration of unified information, process and technology change transition strategies.

Our team works at the intersection of people, processes, technology and data to implement adaptable change solutions with deliver real value connecting business teams, improving customer and user products, systems and experiences.

We work to assess, understand and manage attitudes and behaviours, confidence and competence in using new ways of working which includes the use of new technology.

Business Change services:

  • Change readiness assessment
  • Engagement and communication strategy
  • Business Readiness review and assessment
  • Employee skills and capabilities assessments
  • Training and adoption health checks and reviews

Areas of expertise:

  • Data and information management
  • Operations improvement
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics
  • Product and Service Strategy, Design & Planning
  • Technology and product development and integration